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What are iiShakers? iiShakers are salt and pepper shakers with an integrated, smart illumination technology. A multi-lighting system includes: top spotlights for monitoring the amount of salt and pepper delivered, a handy built-in flashlight and breathtaking sidelights that glow. The illumination system is fully automated and activates at just the right time and place - no switches to deal with. The LifeShaker Alert System is included for helping those who wish to monitor their sodium usage. And if that is not enough, the technology is designed to be used with any container type whether it’s glass, plastic, wood or stainless steel and the choice of sidelight colors exceeds 16 million. Your choices are practically limitless. And this is just the beginning.

What are iiShakers' Benefits? A few of the benefits include: an added ambiance to the dining experience, perfectly seasoned food, conversation starter, enternainment, better health for those on a sodium reduced diet, easy access to supplemental lighting anytime, anywhere.

What are iiShakers' Features? Sidelights for enhanced ambiance; Delivery spotlights so you can see the amount dispensed and where it's landing; LifeShaker Alert helps reduce salt dispensed by using a tiered, multi-color warning system; and A flashlight for searching in dimly lit areas, being outside after dark and extra light for making a midnight snack.

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Artfully Practical ... and Practically Art

IT'S PRACTICAL. iiShakers use advanced technology to activate and deactivate multiple lighting systems at just the right time adding breakthrough technology to the dining experience. And with our integrated LifeShaker Alert System, iiShakers help reduce sodium intake by employing a multi-color, multi-stage lighted alert system.

IT'S ART. iiShakers transform the age-old salt and pepper shaker into functional works of art. Utilizing a patented, smart illumination technology, your dining experience will be forever changed.

More Features than You Could Ever Imagine


Enhance your dining experience with glowing sidelights that activate when the shaker is picked up.

Delivery Spotlights

See the amount of salt and pepper being poured and where it is landing.

LifeAlert System

Reduce sodium intake and help control blood pressure through multi-color warning indicators.


Built-in flashlight is always on the table and always ready to go. Great for nighttime grilling.

[Coming in v2.0] Bluetooth

Configure the sidelights to your favorite color, track sodium usage and more with your smart phone. Coming in late 2020.

[Coming in v2.0] Magnification System

Built-in magnifying glass to read fine print on packages, repair small items and see the crossword without cheaters.


Using the iiShakers

Pick One Up
Sides glow & flashlight activates.
Tip for Pouring
Top spotlights turn on
Tip It Upward
Top lights turn off
Put It Down
All lights dim and turn off

LifeShaker Alert System

Pick the Shaker Up
Sides begin to glow as normal
The Shaker Is Tipped for Pouring
The LifeAlert's timer starts
Pouring Time Reaches 4 Seconds
The sides flash amber
Pouring Time Exceeds 6 Seconds
The sides flash red until the shaker is put down

Standards You'd Expect

Fully Automated
No switches
Tip-Over, Turn-Off
Turns off if tipped over
Safe Fill
Electronics isolated
Secure Fit Parts
Pieces fit securely
Std Coin Battery
Available at your local retailer
Dishwasher Safe
Container can be safely washed

v2.0 Coming in late 2020

Communicate with other devices
Magnification System
Built-in magnifying glass
Smart phone app
Memory challenge
Smart Activation
Operates only in low light
Salt Used
Measures salt dispensed
Wireless and micro USB charging
Diet Tracker Sync
Synchronize with smart phone apps


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